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Discover The Power of our Done-For-You OAC System, catapulting physical and speech therapy private practices from overlooked to overbooked — all without increasing a single task to your workload.

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What the OAC System Does For you?

  • It Lets You Focus on Healing, Not Selling

Elevate your practice effortlesly — our powerhouse marketing and sales suite takes care of acquisition while you take care of your patients.

  • No More Revenue Roller Coasters

Our System ensures a reliable patient pipeline, turning unpredictable referrals into a consistent revenue growth stream, empowering smarter, predictable budgeting and steady growth.

  • Clear Guidance to Prevent Wasted Efforts (Or Worse, Wasted Money)

The digital marketing world can be overwhelming, with many pitfalls along the way. Our expertise not only saves you from potential missteps but ensures that every dollar spent is an investment towards your clinic’s growth.

What Our Clients Say!

Our team has a successful track record of helping PTs and SLPs practices scale based on our battle-tested acquisition system.

“I highly recommend Zenith marketing solutions for all of your marketing needs! Ed is easy to to talk to, fast to respond, and did amazing work. He was then able to create exactly what I wanted to get out to my clients. They work fast and the results speak for themselves! Great experience!

Chelsea Felton | Flow Free PT

“Awesome work! High standard and excellent quality. They helped my business grow in digital.”








Maysa Fontura | Milan PT

“High standard and excellent quality of work. They helped my business grow in digital.”“Highly recommend Zenith Marketing Solutions! Eduardo was very easy to work with and provided great feedback and expertise for all of my needs. He was very thorough and created valuable insight for me. Truly appreciate all the work! Thank you again!

Wes Anderson | Helix PT

The OAC Patient
Acquisition System

A personalized approach within a proven framework. Everything you need to get a stable influx of patients every single month!

Step 1: Optimize

The first step in our acquisition process is to assess and optimize your existing assets, including social media pages, website, and landing pages. We organize your online presence to better accommodate new viewers.


Step 2: Attract

Once your setup is primed to capture the attention of potential patients, the next step is to draw them in! By deploying a variety of digital marketing strategies, we ensure that we target and attract the right audience, encouraging them to sign up for your treatments.


Step 3: Close.

With an optimized digital strategy in place and an increasing number of sign-ups, the journey doesn’t end here. Attracting potential patients is only the beginning; the crucial next step is converting these prospects into paying customers. That’s where we step in to assist you every step of the way. We’ll guide you in leading potential patients from the initial discovery of your services to ultimately walking through your door and making a payment.

Going digital isn’t an option anymore

Let’s face it – the thought of fully embracing the digital landscape may have crossed your mind, or perhaps you’ve already made attempts that didn’t yield the expected results. Navigating the digital realm can be daunting for newcomers, with fierce competition and the fear of seemingly pouring resources into an abyss.

However, the reality is that the digital world is rapidly becoming a non-negotiable space for business presence. What was once considered an optional ‘add-on’ for your business has now become essential for survival. The opportunity to effectively position yourself in the digital domain is narrowing, and it’s crucial to act before it’s too late.

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I'm not familiar with digital marketing; will this be a problem?

Not at all. Our service includes comprehensive support and education, ensuring you don’t need to be a digital marketing expert to see the benefits. We are alongside you in every step of the way.

Do I need to invest a lot of time into this?

Our managed services are designed to be as hands-off as possible, allowing you to focus on your practice while we handle the marketing efforts. We outline a clear onboarding timeline that requires minimal time investment from you.

Is this too expensive for a small clinic?

Our services are designed with a focus on ROI. We offer flexible and personalized pricing depending on the client’s needs and goals. With the increase in bookings you’ll get by using the OAC System, our clients are able to cover their investments and, of course, profit from it.

Won't I become too dependent on your agency?

Our goal is to empower your clinic. Our services enhance your in-house capabilities, and we include training and transition support to ensure you can maintain operations independently if desired. Whether you seek a long-term partnership or a one-time investment for a lifetime of self-sufficient implementation, we are here to assist you. Our commitment is not just to offer services but to support your clinic’s success and autonomy.

What if I'm not ready for a long-term commitment?

We understand. That’s why we offer flexible contracts, including month-to-month engagements after an initial period, ensuring you’re comfortable with our partnership and its results.

Can your services integrate with my existing systems?

Yes, our solutions are flexible and adaptable. We conduct a technical assessment to ensure a seamless integration with your current systems.