The oac Patient

Acquisition SYstem

A personalized approach within a proven framework. Based on our battle-tested experience, we’ll assess your current strengths and weaknesses and provide you with a custom solution! Explore all our services below.


One of our proudest procedures. You have access to all team members at your fingertips. No two-business-day waits for responses; you get our personal phone numbers—call us whenever!

Team Mentality

We never approach a project merely as a 'service provider.' Instead, we join as team members aligned with your mission, ensuring we never take on too many clients at once so that we can provide the necessary attention to each one.

Goals Alignment

This might be our most important value. We'll make sure we understand your goals and will develop a plan to achieve them precisely. Whether it's to maximize profits or to delegate all work, we're here to help.

Personalized Care

Our system offers a flexible framework, ensuring that no two clients receive the same treatment and solution. Your practice, location, and unique patient needs warrant a tailored approach, and we are committed to delivering just that.

What is the oac system?


With your practice now in the spotlight, attracting the attention and interest of potential patients, it's time to convert that interest into commitment. The 'Close' phase is all about turning prospects into long-term patients, utilizing a strategic blend of technology and personalized engagement:

  • CRM Platform Onboarding: We integrate a state-of-the-art CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform, streamlining the management of patient interactions and ensuring a seamless follow-up process. This platform will be the backbone of your patient acquisition system, providing a centralized hub for all prospect and patient data.
  • Automation for Messaging and Emailing: To keep newly interested prospects engaged, we implement automation for both messaging and emailing. This ensures timely and relevant communication reaches every potential patient, keeping your practice top of mind and nudging them closer to making an appointment.
  • Sales Structure Implementation: Adopting proven sales frameworks, processes, and scripts, we build a robust sales structure within your practice. This framework is designed to efficiently move prospects through the decision-making process, employing persuasive communication techniques and strategies that have been tested and proven in the healthcare sector.
  • Dedicated Appointment Setting Services: To cap off the conversion process, we offer dedicated appointment setting services. Our team takes charge of scheduling appointments for interested prospects, ensuring they make the final step from considering your services to actually experiencing them. This personalized touch not only improves conversion rates but also enhances the overall patient experience, setting the stage for long-term loyalty.

This comprehensive approach ensures that the attention your practice has garnered is not just fleeting interest but translates into tangible growth through new patient acquisitions. By efficiently managing and nurturing leads, we close the loop from interest to action, solidifying your practice's growth and success.

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