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Our team is completely centered around performance, communication and delivery. If you are a therapist and business owner, delegating is crucial! Our team is here to be part of yours!

Eduardo Queiroz

Founder | Head of Sales.

Eduardo embarked on his entrepreneurial journey as a sales professional. Recognizing the need to broaden his scope beyond sales, he transitioned to marketing to align with his aspirations. After dedicated months of learning, he applied his expertise to assist a family member, a physical therapist, in attracting more patients post-pandemic. The success of this endeavor extended globally, as Eduardo went on to help dozens of other physical therapists worldwide. This impactful venture evolved into the establishment of Zenith Digital Solutions.

Ana D’avilla

Partner | Google & Meta Ads Specialist.

Flexible, proactive, creative, and organized. Ana is passionate about marketing and design, having worked in both areas, which allows me to be a well-rounded professional with excellent interpersonal skills and leadership.

She has been working for 6 years as a specialist in digital marketing and paid media, serving as an analyst, CRM, and marketing specialist for medium and large clients such as Ford Brazil, Biostévi, Mafra, Aposta Ganha, Morana, Editora Quadrante, Elmo Construtora, 7FAM, etc.

Gustavo Albiero

Partner | Media Buying Specialist & Copywriter.

Gustavo brings over 5 years of experience to the digital marketing landscape, specializing in product launches, local healthcare businesses, and infoproducts.

With a track record of successfully managing portfolios exceeding $1,500,000 USD in the last 2 years, Gustavo is a strategic partner dedicated to contributing to the development and execution of personalized strategies for each client. His commitment to professionalism and expertise distinguishes him as a valuable asset in the dynamic field of digital marketing.

Victor de Santi


Victor has been drawn to the world of art and music since his early years, cultivating a deep passion that eventually led him to pursue knowledge in the artistic realm. Evolving into a designer, he has been an integral part of Zenith since its inception.

With a focus on the healthcare sector, Victor specializes in crafting essential digital assets for professionals. From advertisements and social media posts to web pages, he brings top-notch design options to ensure impactful visual communication. His longstanding commitment to Zenith underscores his dedication to delivering quality design solutions.

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Leticia Regina.

Outreach/Appointment Setting Manager 

Leticia serves as the backbone of our operations, showcasing exceptional management skills. She oversees Zenith’s Outreach Team and processes, ensuring seamless operations.

Whether it’s for our internal functions or delivering optimal results for clients, Leticia takes charge of hiring, management, and the overall outcomes of our outreach and appointment setting team. Her commitment ensures efficient and effective operations, contributing to the success of both our company and our clients.

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